Remember Teenage Love?

Remember your days when you where in love,
No not them days in primary when ' I love you' was nothing,
I'm talking about them days when thats was 'the' one,
your thinking abut them non stop,
from the beggining of morning to the very last moments of night,
This feeling wasn't an on and off thing, it was real! ,
But whats bothering you?
the chemistry might be wrong,
Do i have bad breath,
I'm not meant for them thats, that
Or am i fat in these jeans,
Thats was not the real excuse was it?
maybe it was the fear in you,
the fear of rejection,
the fear of the only heart being broken,
Or the fear of losing the feeling that made you mad in love,
Now, days im wishing to turn back time,
Being that stupid star strucked teenager,
So do you remember your teenage love?

by Kelly lee

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i do its somthing you never forget