Remember That When I Fondle Your Breasts

There is nothing but mystery
Around every fleeting kiss
As we crawl on the beach
After prowling all night like cats,
I wish we were entwined on a city roof
Completely naked in the moonlight,
I’m not satisfied with anemic dreams
Or love making that utters quiet squeaks,
I’ve made offerings to Aphrodite,
Remember that when I fondle your breasts,
Our hearts are tangled in a sensual web,
There is water from soft lakes on your skin,
I’m going to dive into your soul and swim,
Let this relationship blossom into poetic myth,
Let future scholars interpret it,
Every lesson of illicit love will spring from our book.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (9)

I loved this - intensity pervades your poems. Aphrodite always demands a sacrifice, and is a jealous goddess, scourging those who turn from her altar, not paying proper reverence. This poem conveys that perfectly, with insight and great beauty.
I still love this poem, even after the changes you made, Uriah. It is sensual without being offensive...and the longing is palatable. I love the line, 'I'm going to dive into your soul and swim.' This does have mythological proportions and promise of grandeur. Raynette
Uriah, This is wonderful. The sensuality and eroticism and the passion of romance fills it with intrigue and wonder. Your offering to Aphrodite was indeed rewarded with this most sensual and delectable poem. Warm regards, Hugh
I love the thought of diving into the soul and swimming around! This entire poem was wonderful Uriah. Sincerely, mary
'I’ve made offerings to Aphrodite, ..' That's how you got this poem. It's fantastic.
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