In A Reserved Garden

It was a beautiful garden
Bloom was all the way
It was the time of merriment
All smile and danced with joy

Attract all to its side with verve
Chat and marched with some pride
Caught the sight in this hazy mood
That stands alone in pensiveness

A bud that bloomed partly
Hither in the shadows of its corner
That dreams alone in graciousness
In the heavenly garden of lord

Resound the vagueness restlessly
Groomed alone in gloominess
But the love moves to that side
Why it's partial in this pace

Rejoice and merriment always
But the hermit roams somewhere
Beyond glimpses of human mind
That's in the hands of Almighty! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

©2014 SALINI.S.NAIR. All rights reserved.


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