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Remember The Bad
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Remember The Bad

Poem By Vallerie Lobell

Remember the bad when he calls just to see 'how you doin',
When he fixes the pump and drops by all the time,
Can the leopard really change his spots?
Making you love him again is what's on his mind, ,

Remember the bad when he makes the baby smile,
When he shows such deep concern,
He has more than one face that he wears,
Keep in mind hard lessons you've learned,

Remember the bad when he wants to take you out dancing,
When he says he wants to get you a new car,
You're not the same fool you were back then,
Hold fast to yourself, you have come so far,

Forget the calm and cozy nights together,
When you rested your book on his back,
Don't recall the night on the beach,
Or fireworks on the levee, don't get sidetracked,

Remember the bad place you were for 10 years,
And how glad you were to be free at last,
You never want to return to that place,
Guard your heart and keep him in the past,

Remember the bad because it outweighs the good,
Though he's polished his winsome ways,
He brought you such pain and misery,
And you can never regain those lost days,

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