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Remember The First Time...

Remember the first time you opened your eyes
You agree with the lines
How good was the light!

God said...

Pursuing the days and catching your brearth during nights
Your life shined bright but never bright enough for your eyes

You felt...

The restless hunt for unfimiliar ways
You faced the problems with grace
Calmness you tried to avoid
Absorbing the world
Everything a day can afford
You recieved and percieved
Hesitation was void

Time passes... slowly

But for you it passed too fast
Were done looking forward and tempted to look back
To yourself you become a stranger
You to yourself became more stranger

The danger...

Wasn't the same guest at the gates
Through the doors
Made itself at home in your nest


Got a little taste of the too crazy pace that you set
The bars you have raised
You'll never again get the taste of

Your past life...

Will only be present in sight
When closed are your eyes
When you dream during nights

You wonder...

Why the days are avoided
Eyes slowly closing
The light becomes a void and

Poignant regret...

You're upsent
Perhaps a second chance
But it's a second till last breath.

Time seems to go too fast and too slow at times
People dont travel through time
Time travels through our minds

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