Poem Hunter
Winter And Hope
(August 26,1974 / New York City, NY)

Winter And Hope

First snow atop the hill
sends a chill to the spine
it melts down all hopes
for the morning sunshine
men, women, pets and cattle
bit dismayed, amidst lull and calm
iced winds, blades cutting through
yet into a storm it has not brewed
hordes of men hurry and store
piles of extra wood and grass
time for them to hibernate
talking and singing to hour-glass
each one must tell a story
sitting by fire, under lock n bolt
happy women, busy with stove
lots of tea, meat and broiled poult
father and sons, one by one
climb the roof of their muddy abode
with shovels, spades and iron blades
they brush aside the unwanted load
every winter passes thus
with such fervour and desire
for a sunny and brighter morning
so as to smother the burning fire

(It is about how my hometown/village was until a few decades ago, where there was no electricity, and therefore, no television, computers or other gadgets to keep the family members unnecessarily busy and occupied) .

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