Remember Who I Should Be

Poem By Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

I am the womb that gave you life
The shield from harshness from uncanny uncertain destination
And you had to breathe by my breath
And bone up by my bones
Did I ever let you down even when my strength waned and my life at risk?

I am that channel through your journey of never existing to existence
The pain was searing and my blood flowed
My will failed and my desires left me until I did the final scream
And your first cry was heard
Did I block you out
Even when I could just end it all by closing my then weary laps
And thereby snuff out of you this thing you and I so cherish
And that we both see as life?

I am the breasts that groomed you and the palms that nurtured you
The tears that flowed when you're down
And the laughter that resounded when you're up
The failure that failed with you and the winner that won with you
Even when trophies often would touch your favourites' hands before mine, if they will ever
Did I ever let you go hungry even when it costs me my clothes?

I am the heart that bore you care
That made you my starting point and my ending point
That hid it from you when I'm gray so you don't lose confidence
So my fainting body doesn't leave you worried
And my tears sap your hope
Did I ever pour you out with the dirty water
Even when myself I feel frustrated and almost giving up

The government is on my shoulders
Heavy enough to let me go on my knees
For the thunder will daily go and rumble
And use and get used
And will later here on my laps come to lie
I must be both useful and lustful distraction else I'm a liability
And the home-front must uphold the name we're given
To be their father's else they're mine

I am also the ear they need at dawn
The company they seek at day
And the pleasure they want at night
I am their calmness and their pride

I am nature's treasure, beauty and completeness
And I am nature in itself
The continent that bore all jewels
The mother earth that holds all on and keeps all in

I am everything anyone needs
Mother, friend, lover, and?
I am the reason for quests
The decider of peace
And the cause of war
Ever indispensable reason for success and confidence
And bringer of respect

Remember who I should be
And let me be who I am
For I am woman

Comments about Remember Who I Should Be

Brilliantly written, I wish I could write as powerfully as you, Thank you for sharing- 10+
Beautiful tribute to motherhood and womanhood written with clarity of thought and mind. A beautiful creation nicely brought forth in persuasive expressions with conviction. An insightful creation. Thanks for sharing bro.

5,0 out of 5
2 total ratings

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