Remember With Song

As we walk across this land
We have no fear to hold his hand
He watched you from the skies above
He kissed your hand, you fell in love
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finaly see the truth
There's a hero inside of you
In all the tears that I have cried
I felt like I could have died
I saw your face in the morning sun
And was told your work on earth is done
Just another boat trip to the beach
But babe, anything is possible, the worlds within your reach
They say you died of sickness, but you died of broken heart
Because I had told you that we would never be apart
We have been torn away from eachother and it cut me like a knife
To know that after today, I will live without you my whole life
Babe, you know, we will always remember you
And babe, you know we will never forget the things you do
You didn't deserve this, why did God take you
You should still be here, I should have been there too
Well babe, it's too late to change what went on
And we will remember you with this song

by Mysterious Girl

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