SF (April 22 / Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

Rememberance Love Song

I fell in love with you when we were seventeen.
What the future held for us was still left to be seen.
Throughout the years close friends we became,
Seemed our wants and our needs would always be the same.
You were my first love, a love so strong and true.
You were always in my thoughts, I was so much in love with you.
These feelings were real, just wanted to be at your side,
Together always, just you and I.
Then one sad day came, you went away.
I was so sad but you wrote me every day.
But as time went by our love faded and was gone,
Now I write this as our rememberance love song.
You were my first love, your memory will always be there.
You can count on knowing that I'll always care.
Because there's a spot in my heart reserved just for you,
A little love remains there whenever I think of you.

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