i remember what happened
in front of people you say that its not ture
but you know its true
i see it in your eyes

i remember what you did to me
each time i remember
i know if you had a chance
you would have gone farther

sometimes i wander if
you did go farther and
that i just blocked it out
i honestly dont konw if you did or didnt

i always wondered why
why u did it to me
why u wont admit it
why did u ever think of it

sometimes i wish i could
make you pay
since u havent payed
but its wrong for me to think that

i forgive you
but you hurt me
you were like
a borther to me

so can i ask
why? ? ?
why did you do it?
Is it because it happened to you

by Carrie Salazar

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very good poem carrie, keep writing and get those feelings on to paper the way you have been doing, and things will get better just keep the faith.