(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

I Need You Because I Love You

Knowing you made me feel that i wanted you
to become a part of me
A new page of my life began leaping,
since i met you
You are the embodiment of the person
i wanted to be with my whole life through
You just didn't know how i smiled
or cried every time i think of you.

We're very happy, seemed that this love won't end,
I pray to God that He spare this love
of ours to break
Sleepless nights are troubling me,
Thoughts of you are haunting me
It's hard to forget now, because
You've carved a great space in my heart.

I can't carry on without you
All my life, i waited for someone to come and love me
I never felt loved, i never had this kind of life, Until you came
So please stay, don't leave me.

Time and space may separate us,
but they can not really keep us apart,
You promised me you'll never leave me,
I prayed to God that He bless our love for each other
That He keep us together in His mercy
In His eternal embrace and never let go of anyone of us.

by Eden Panotes Orbista

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Yes Marilyn! I think we all have past memories worth remembering, a good thing sometimes to (slip into the past!) *10* Friend Thad