Remembering 'Joyce'

Poem By Almedia Knight Oliver

Your joyful smile; your joyful laughter, and your caring for others permeated the community in which you lived and worked.

My eyes never grew weary of your glowing smile,
But now, my eyes are swimming in a river of tears, and
my heart bounded by pain and grief. Yet,
I’m certain your soul is delighting the heavens above.

My Joy, you awed me with the love you had for your family and others.
To observe that radiant phenomenon was akin to watching stars fall among the
Daffodils in your garden. You are with God every where-in heaven and on earth:
I can see you in the field of stars, the sun is your smile, the moon your glow,
in the flowers your soul will ever grow.
Shh…I hear a breeze- is it the breath of God whispering
in my ears saying: death is a mystery of all mysteries

You inspired others to believe that God’s love would be
Their comforter in times of pain and sorrow…
Away from home or at home.When I despaired, you would say
“Meta” you got to have faith!
I’ll never hear those words flow from your warm lips again,
But my heart will always brim these pleasing memories:

I remember those days we shopped until we dropped-
your shopping cart flowing- over with things for the girls-
even something for “Joe” -you could always find the bargains!
I remember the Fridays we sat at either my table or yours enjoying
fried fish and laughing as the grease ran down the corner of our mouths…
yet we never gained a pound!
I remember those late nights we spent in the boardroom
Ensuring the solvency of BEFCU-
Written minutes were no match for your photographic memory.
Now, I hold these memories close to my heart to use as pillows for my weary head.

Joy you had a way of helping others rise above the fray,
You’ll always be my “Joy”
I’ll always be “Meta”
Good Bye my friend and my Joy!

Almedia S. Knight (ASK)

Comments about Remembering 'Joyce'

Sometimes absence can be more pleasing of presence if within the gap resides love. To poet it is memory but to a reader it's the inspiration of living loudly with the relations. And poetry perhaps such catalyst which helps to react with poets-pain and the readers-awakening. Many....Many congratulations for writing such personals. LIVE LONG FOR THE READERS AND WRITE MORE.......... Regards, 10++++ pranab
To perceive the Meta conglomerate of clean plum iota must be there and the Person JOYCE has been poemed thro’ a very ‘in-depth-in-detail’ coalescing of ‘emotion-drops’ and Ma’am you’ve done it with ease and readers’ caught and carried-forward way 10++ Ms. Nivedita UK

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