Remembering Nuffa

I often think about him is he alive today
Or with the dead of Buninyong does he forever lay
He may be in his seventies he may look old and gray
But at heart he'll remain young until his dying day.

The bard of Buninyong Village with fondness I recall
In a place of fine people the finest one of all
Far beyond his beloved Buninyong his is a well known face
The good side of humanity he only does embrace.

A poet and a philosopher and a humanatarian all in one
He has never made an enemy and many friends he has won
A gentleman is Nuffa and none so great as he
Unforgettable for his many gifts and for his generosity.

How often in the Crown Hotel did Nuffa make our night
He told stories and sung bush songs and poems he did recite
He spread his gift of happiness to many an encore
Of poems and songs and stories we begged him for some more.

I will remember Nuffa until the day I die
So generous with his talents he shared his gift of joy
Our drinking sessions with him I remember all too well
We drunk and we made merry in the Buninyong Crown Hotel.

by Francis Duggan

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