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Remembering To Forget.................(Letting Go)

I stood still for too long in one place last week
internalizing every word we'd spoken
the last time goodbye was mentioned

I can't help to think the calls
are far and few in between
so this must mean you're moving on
with the heartache we bounced back and forth
behind my bedroom door

If these walls could talk, they whisper past
sweet, playful converstations underneath my canopy
not to mention the salty tears on my pillow
wondering why you left bits and pieces of you behind

nevertheless, I loved hard for you
I remember you loving me hard too
but time passes by with a blink of an eye
all that's left behind are fragments of what use to be you
perhaps a vague shape of your dark almond aura
the faint smell of your essence lingering somewhat underneath my senses.

you finally stopped intruding my life
I often wondered how it would be like
when you finally took your last bow

forget to remember you the day I stood still for too long
traces of you remain in the shadows of my memory

do I cry for you?
those day are also far and few in between

do I smile?
yes, for you gave me something special
you gave me love.........

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