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Remembering To Forget

The night? Hanukkah -
Dying in the yawn of the moon,
And the fading crumbs of stars
Above eucalyptus fields.

I reminisce waking dogs
Unfolding like accordions;
Doves scattering skyward,
And a cascade of leaves earthward.

The Pacific sky was shivering
Towards dawn;
And, your room had nothing,
But air.

My heart stopped singing
An old favorite tune.
We rode love until it cracked like shell;
Now, irretrievable as a sigh.

My factory of ideas stopped as well.
I folded, and tossed away
The unsolved crossword.
Thoughts hung and shuddered
Like Christmas bells.

I held onto rosary beads
Praying it was unreal as a daydream;
But, pain kept its spiral motion,
Bursting my heart open
Like the egg on the floor.

Until now, I keep recalling,
Your penguin-stiff walk
In our winter of last year,
Your pale torso from a childhood
Of turtle-neck sweaters.

Someday, I'll lose the ache,
Being numb as a mandolin player's
Calloused fingertips, or
A ballerina's impossible toes.

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Gorgeous work with words and great visuals.