Weep no more, my darling,
try not to be so sad;
remember love's sweet honey,
all the good times that we had.

When love was young and burning,
and our bodies were on fire;
when I neglected other things,
and you were my one desire,

When life was full of meaning,
and your kisses were like wine;
when the highlight of each day,
was in your arms...entwined.

When your laughter was like music,
when your touch, was mine alone;
when your star was shining brightly,
and all outshone.

When the nights were never long,
and the days were never dull;
when the waves broke ever gently,
against our life's great hull.

by David Lessard

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What a lovely poem. We must never lose memories as beautiful as these. Love is the only thing worth remembering. This poem certainly touches the heart!