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We'll always remember the laughter you brought,
We'll always remember the tears you shed.
We'll never forget the tears we shed over you,
We'll never forget the memories we have of you.
We'll always remember those jokes you told,
We'll always remember the problems you had.
We'll never forget how this came to be,
We'll never forget what happened back there.
With all these things you brought to us,
Your laughter,
Your joy,
Your jokes,
Your tears,
Your problems,
And your fears.
How will we ever leave this to be?
Even when you're gone,
You brought back;
The tears,
The memories,
The laughter,
The jokes,
Those fears that you had,
And those problems that you dealt with.
We'll never forget any of this,
We'll always remember,
Everything you've given to us.

(May 2,2007)

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