1. Is it the wind of the dawn that I hear
in the pine overhead?
2. No; but the voice of the deep as it hollows
the cliffs of the land.
1. Is there a voice coming up with the
voice of the deep from the strand,
Once coming up with a Song in the
flush of the glimmering red?
2. Love that is born of the deep coming
up with the sun from the sea.
1. Love that can shape or can shatter a
life till the life shall have fled?
2. Nay, let us welcome him, Love that
can lift up a life from the dead.
1. Keep him away from the lone little isle.
Let us be, let us be.
2. Nay, let him make it his own, let him
reign in it - he, it is he,
Love that is born of the deep coming
up with the sun from the sea.

by Alfred Lord Tennyson

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Nicely thought and written. And in rememberance the pleasure is to recall the past with joy n happpiness.
The beginning two lines spoke to me the clearest- twilight seems to be the time to sit at the window and watch the darkness overtake the day and remember the past and grieve over people lost- - - - - - - How dear to me the twilight hour! It breathes, it speaks of pleasures past;
I keep remembrance so I won't forget
Yet, no; ah, no! forget, forget My ardent love, my faith, and me; Remember not we ever met; I would not cause one pang to thee.............So intense....so....so.....Beautiful piece of love and cry, agony and ecstasy. Nice indeed.
Memoirs of the love and loved one are captivating. Thanks for sharing.
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