KH (27 July 1957 / Lunger Pur Baly, Jhellum, Pakistan)

Remembrance Day

Today is REMEMBRANCE DAY, time of reflection and remembrance for those who laid down their lives in trenches in France.

Acres of print
Thousands headlines
Continues coverage
On BBC, ITV, and Sky
We must never forget
Those who made the
Ultimate sacrifice.

Churches across the kingdom
Packed for remembrance services
For those who made the
Ultimate sacrifice.

Wreaths laid by royalty and politicians
at cenotaphs
In the capital and small towns
Through out the kingdom
In remembrance
Of those who made the
Ultimate sacrifice.

Yet not one of the good, the great or the pious
Remembered the Muslim Tommies
Who fought in the quagmire of the trenches
Thousands of miles from home.
Who will remember the
Ultimate sacrifice of
The sons of India?

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