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Remembrance Day
IG ( / Burntwood, Staffordshire, UK)

Remembrance Day

And old man stands in silence,
With bowed head and watery eye,
His thoughts are far away on foreign ground,
Where his dear comrades lie.

He thinks of those great warriors,
Those brave hearts just in their teens,
Who gave their life for their country,
For freedom, and all that it means.

Their thoughts, and their hopes, were all at home,
With their families, and loved ones, what's more,
But Oh' the heartache, of those left at home,
Never to see them come through the door.

The old man looks round, and wonders,
If the young today really care,
When a youth passing by says "Shift Granddad",
There ain't time to stand and stare".

Does he not know, that if it wasn't for him,
He'd be a slave of the Nazi regime,
But they look on these old as a nuisance,
And to push them around, is their scheme.

But others come close, and stand with him,
And tears fall down from their eyes,
They thank God for the dear old soldiers,
Who stood firm, and confounded the wise.

So today, we enjoy our freedom,
And thank God, for those who gave up their all,
Without thought for their own safety,
But bravely obeyed the call.

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