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Remind Me

When corners become dark again.
Shadows seem to be my only friend.
Grey clouds find a way home.
Untrained thoughts freely stoned.
Remind Me.

When today bleeds into tomorrows sun.
Life has run out of youthful fun.
If I have missed the changing of leaves.
Torn apart by mental seams.
Remind Me.

Of days that will come on the strangest of hours.
Emotions take root like rain soaked flowers.
When I have sowed the rays of an autumn moon.
Sleeping well past the hour of noon.
Remind Me.......That I am only human.

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Comments (3)

Wow...your words seem to flow so effortlessly. What a lovely gift to possess. I truly marvel. Well done! Dee
Steve, This is awesome! Excellent work, my friend. Wow! Well done. Shannon xoxo P.S. I'll remind you if you remind me. lol
Very, very nice one Steve. 'Remind Me' Reminds me of me...LOL L