The Tree Of Desires

I made this world
A world for you
A place filled with love
A place only we knew

And in this world
That you inspire
On top a hill,
The tree of desires

This tree of desires
Grants the wishes of the pure
Protects the innocent
Provides every cure

I asked the tree
To fulfill my dreams
Of life and love
And all in between

The tree spoke in a deep voice
And told me this:
'I cannot grant you what you have,
I cannot grant you bliss'

I did not know what he meant
His message I did not see
I pondered his words a top the hill
In the land for you and me

'The land for you and me'
In my mind these words flew
I understand the me
But what about the you?

It was you
Whom I made this world for
I thought I had nothing
I thought I needed more

But I have all I need
I know it's true
I have my everything
It's always been you

by John McClay

Comments (3)

Wow...your words seem to flow so effortlessly. What a lovely gift to possess. I truly marvel. Well done! Dee
Steve, This is awesome! Excellent work, my friend. Wow! Well done. Shannon xoxo P.S. I'll remind you if you remind me. lol
Very, very nice one Steve. 'Remind Me' Reminds me of me...LOL L