The Other Side

Hard to believe you're there
Like a star of silent midnight
Like a haunted forlorn castle
Like forgotten serene moonlight

I am woken by beauty by the sea
Beauty in your ancient eyes
Will you remember me in your silk?
You are an ideal like a violet candle

Now the light shines through the gate
I must travel deep into the truth
Ships have come for the dreamers
Visions beyond the burning city

All these years lay on the grass
Butterfly fields where we kissed
Smiles that blessed the river
Your soft hair alive with sun

Innocence is a journey of the soul
Nothing evil shall enter there
You touched me like songbirds
You touched me with a pure heart

These treasures I take to the other side

by Joseph Narusiewicz

Comments (3)

Wow...your words seem to flow so effortlessly. What a lovely gift to possess. I truly marvel. Well done! Dee
Steve, This is awesome! Excellent work, my friend. Wow! Well done. Shannon xoxo P.S. I'll remind you if you remind me. lol
Very, very nice one Steve. 'Remind Me' Reminds me of me...LOL L