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sing a song for me when i'm gone,
the lines that only the two of us understand
put me at the back of your mind,
so you will not weep..
let not memories cut your life..
move on..
forget the sad memories
and live in front the happy ones..
so that when you reminisce, you'll smile
and say that 'this friendship i wouldn't really forget! '
never weep for a friend that is gone...
i'll still be and will always be the same..
it is just that i can't be with you everyday..
we will set a date and we'll meet again..
we'll walk again in the street which we used to thread..
we'll laugh and cry with each other..
my existence wouldn't end after march.. it is not limited..
neither so big,
it will be up to you..
we may thread seperate paths,
but you'll always stay and be in my heart,

by manoelle perez

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amazing...i love this..