A river flows to and fro
The hill where Carmel struts
Where ships come and go
Not at night, but in shine
Their strength is unlike Reuben’s fall
Born not of flesh and blood
It is the land of my birth.

Her balcony receives all our weight
Above the skin-coloured earth
The harbour of all trees
Canopied and
Spelling lines unnamed by human hearts.
To those who fall into her lines
Their beings cleaning fluid
Escaping no fingered mind
That grips all and
Before truth bows with head
Like the ancient hooded monks
At their quiet silence
An audience with divine monarchy
Carmel, a place to be.

Tonight above our hoods sleep
The woken darkness of the sky
Bright darkness, staggering mat
Dark night, the revealer of light.
Here the planes and rock die
That, in serenity, Carmel may stand
A view shot against fine-cut stars
What a symmetry to sketch
A carpet dark as light.

O Silence! The tune it tunes
Teaches our hearts
That reason must submit
Before the throne of grace
Carmel, the plane to reach.

The stars, this night stands
With Joshua, in honor of Carmel
Décor of polished light
Smearing the entire sky
Calling us to take our place
In a meet of peaceful song
With angels who know our rhymes
And lines that raise our God
He is Carmel’s eternal peace.

by Emmanuel Ibuot

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