NIS (4 September 1915 - 14 April 2005 / Youngstown, Ohio)


I did not say
I have come home

I stood beside the fence
On which the persimmon vine
Still held it's summer leaves

And evidence of great
purple blossoms,
it once bore

That were no more

The milkweed silently
Beside it with it's pods
Ready for refining
In the autumn sun

I stood beside the mossy bank
Below the middle wood
Where violet leaves were showing

The old barn warmed itself
Upon the meadow side

And here the duck
came down to rim
The little pool of water
From which the horses drank

From here the trail
became too-far, too-steep

Far away- this distant day

Now comforts me in sleep

I did not say
I have come home

by Nellie Isabelle Steward Cooper

Comments (1)

I love this...the images, the simplicity of connecting with all of us who 'did not say' they have come home... the melancholy is there...a time that may not come again...nice write...Coach