AR (july 9,1994 / tx)


Got the whole world in front of me, and still I keep looking back
Don’t know why when it’s too late, too late to backtrack
You were my first, the one I thought to be my last
I gave you my heart and then you broke it in half

It’s always your first who’ll do you wrong
Leaving’ you sitting there singing those old’ sad love songs
But I, I strive to do differently
Yes I will cry, but all tears must dry
And I’ll get back on my feet

And with each passing day I’ll take a step at a time
And with each empowering step, I’ll leave you behind
I won’t lie and say I don’t still love you
But I know this is what I have to do, because indeed, I love me too
And in order to love me, I can’t always be #2

I’ve found someone to love me but because of you I won’t let him
But with everyday he breaks down more and more of the wall I once built surrounding myself
I know he cares because the look in his eyes tell me so
How they light up when he sees me
The tenderness in his touch when he caresses me
He’ll be my lover but more importantly my friend
And now everything between us has come to an end

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