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Poem By Rachelle Arlin Credo

I remember the first time we met
When you gave me an intense look I could never forget
With your eyes glowing with so much passion
I felt being engulfed in a spell of tender affection

I remember the moment when you greeted me with a smile
Right away on the spot I melted after a while
And I saw the tender sparkle in your eyes that captivated me
I felt peculiar, I thought I was in heaven already

And I remember those romantic walks we used to take
Wherein you held my hands my knees would shake
The way you ran your fingers through my hair
It reminds me of sweet moments we shared together

And I still remember the words you whispered into my ears
That no matter what you'll always love me now and forever
For this, I'll do everything to make you return to me
I'll take you back whatever price I'll pay

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