Reminiscent Of Graceful Romance

Prosperous decade dreamed of new cult economy
Popular novelty experience renaissance in the 1950s
Peace and harmony join the race to entertain morally,
A romance in space and red scar face flush with kisses.

Ladies classy dress impresses wish aspirations of the mind,
Cornets hearts drifted out softly among the starry realm,
Moving love affairs cross the country into rush gold mine,
Comic pages gently charmed romance in pink champagne.

On restored flame ignited romance amorous torch of fire,
Young love embrace fame run away on sunset Blvd moods,
Valiant fugitives of 1950s found adventures to treasure,
Far flung emotions to known world in romantic clouds.

Spy the morning delight flying high in Pandora’s flight,
Passion soul burning romance bright ties love together,
Teenage bride felicity groom tenderly beneath the dim light,
Weep joyfully on the coral reef in buccaneer wet danger.

Take chances out in rural country and parcel wooded land,
By shade the nectar taste of songs rewinds the fifties dance,
Saintly laws go by morals and mild mannered demand,
1950s retro years was reminiscent of graceful romance.

by Gerry Legister

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