Poem Hunter
JLE (1/18/1962 / Alliance, Nebraska)


A memory returned today;
a cherished vision of romance.
I wondered what our hearts would say
should destiny provide the chance.

Our spirits once were intertwined;
we held tomorrow in our hands,
but twisted fate would be defined
as life enforced its cold commands.

Recalling scenes from times before
brought flowing streams of somber tears,
then left me searching for your door
and praying love endured the years.

An address found upon the page;
your number there in black and white,
but apprehension took the stage;
perhaps a letter I would write.

With pen and paper set in place
my words began to tell the tale.
Envisioning your smiling face,
I raced to drop it in the mail.

My trembling hand could not release
the message I had yearned to share.
My soul that cries for inner peace,
now hesitates to find it there.

Alas, the fear of losing dreams;
erasing feelings held so dear,
has overcome my need it seems
and leaves you distant when you're near.

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