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JMB (February 13,1990 / Sydney)


Suspicious thoughts,
Questions you ask me.
Why is it that you’ll never trust me?
I know what I did was wrong,
I can see that now.
I want to make it up to you,
Can you show me how?
It hurt you,
That was never my intention.
The story was only partly true
A fictional invention.
Beaten this once,
Forever proud.
I await the day when the truth is told,
His mistakes said allowed.
I shouldn’t have looked upon his face,
His hands never touched me.
To me he’s a disgrace,
If only you could see.
If knew what we were,
Even who you were...
He would have never been here,
You would have been there.
Even if I had told you the truth,
Would you have been there?
Why must I feel alone?
Why wasn’t it you I could confide in?
How things would be different,
Extravagant compared to what I put myself in.
I enjoy my time with you,
You easily make me laugh and smile.
Though I try to be what you ask,
I feel you won’t trust me for a while.
Understanding as much as I can,
I’m not usually the one of whom is guilty.
Out of character and inconsiderate,
Something and someone I don’t consider to be me.
Appreciative that you believe in second chances,
There won’t be a moment that you regret it.
I will redeem myself for what I have done,
In hopes that one day you can forgive and forget it.

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