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Remote Controls And Things Electric, Etc.
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Remote Controls And Things Electric, Etc.

Poem By Terry Donovan

I've got one to turn the tv on
And one for the radio too;
All I need to complete the set
Is one to turn on you.

There's a microwave in the kitchen
Which warms things up in a trice;
If I could press a button
And warm up you, how nice!

Why do you keep your distance,
Destroying my heart and soul?
Why are you always so remote
And out of my control?

There's a barbecue in the garden
Which heats food with a handful of coke;
I wish that I could heat you up
With just the occasional poke.

There's a kettle on the gas stove,
With a flick I light its flame;
Why can't I do the same to you?
It really is a shame.

Why don't you give your love to me?
I know I cannot boast a
Life of wealth and luxury
But I've got a pop-up toaster.

I keep the winter chills away
With an oil-filled radiator;
I have it up against the wall
But with you it would be much greater.

Yes, I've got all the latest gadgets,
Everything is hi-tech,
But I'd swap them all for you, Dear
(Except my record deck) .

I'd give up my electric blanket
If you would take its place
And you could share my 'teas-maid'
If you made this your base.

If only you would come to me,
My empty arms to fill,
You'd take away my loneliness -
And halve my electricity bill.

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i thought it was great and funny keep them coming