Poem By Logan Nickerson

You could easily say I'm a sucker,
But could YOU resist that feeling?
Sharing the heat and conversing heartbeats
In embrace, face to face, with your own.
No easier eyes then the pair on her.
Tonight's filled with nothing but meaning.
Ev-en butterflies, can't remotely define
The warmth that I find in knowing you're mine...
What keeps you warm, no matter the storm?
Just a brush of our skin Makes the stomach turn in
A Strategical grin and our universe spins.

First I need to adjust, and restore rusted trust,
Teardown and rebuild everything that's been crushed.
But I truly believe everyone has that one
Who always will care and be there to rely on.
Every ounce of their heart is devoted to you
You could count, every part is eternally true.
No length we're apart from beginning to start
This affections connection won't fade or depart.
Oh I know, deep inside, we'll stand strong, side by side
In my mind, she'll be kind and as fine as sweet wine.
She's the lamp on my carriage, along for the ride of our lives.

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