Renaissance Faire

The Rennaissance Faire is calling out to us in the distance
We deck ourselves out in costume
We begin our jubilant walk
We say ' hello ' and good day ' to the many boys, girls, ladies, and gentlemen

We walk through the gates of the shire
And I buy a rose from a flower girl to give to you
Here's hoping to many joys to come

We walk aboard the human chessboard
Pretending to be a knight, bishop, rook, or pawn
With the fun pretending, we hold each other in arms
We swing around until we fall off the human chessboard
And fall on top of each other on the lawn

Throughout the day
It's a joy and a blessing to behold
We're entertained by jugglers, dancers, swordsmen, and play actors
We smile and clap along to the many vocal groups songs

We each buy a turkey leg and a cup of water
We eat, drink, and make ourselves as well be merry
After that we'll have a delicious dessert of strudels and ice cream
There's still some time to see many other sights
After our feast

The night begins to descend on us
And so we go on one last walk through the Renaissance Faire
With smiles on our faces
Forgetting all the cares that came with us

We say goodbye to the Renaissance Faire
We say goodbye to all the performers that brought us joy
As we leave through the gates of the shire
The royal horns play their last song for us
In a salute to us

by Justin Gildow

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