My nails are blue,
'cuz finals week sucks.
Blue is confident,
It reminds me that I'm not dumb.
Her nails are green,
'cuz her finger is broken.
Green is distracting.
It takes away the pain.
His nails are black,
'cuz it matches everything he wears.
Black is forgetful,
It makes you forget how you feel.
The musicians nails are  red.
'cuz it says 'I'm the best.'
Red is talented.
It plays the piano with ease.
The doctor's nails are plain,
'cuz there's no time for color.
Plain is invisible,
It is something to not fall in love with.
The mother's nails are tan,
'cuz it's something not unusual.
Tan is boring,
It doesn't draw wanted attention.
Nail polish is fun,
It says so much more than you think.
So next time you notice the colors,
Make sure you notice the story.

by Michelle Krueger

Comments (4)

And here I missed that and on re-reading thought it was Jamaican English. H
LOL...Gina are you really his 'moist' favorite reader? Too cute. :) As for Renaissance our hormonal nature indeed leads us not only through the 14th century, but sporatically in our ever changing personal lives. Great poem!
A garden of sounds where science mates with wit. Susie.
Sounds deeply and wonderfully sensual. Three cheers for the phenomenon of 're-birth'! ! Your moist faithful reader, Gina.