All Nature Has A Feeling

All nature has a feeling: woods, fields, brooks
Are life eternal: and in silence they
Speak happiness beyond the reach of books;
There's nothing mortal in them; their decay
Is the green life of change; to pass away
And come again in blooms revivified.
Its birth was heaven, eternal it its stay,
And with the sun and moon shall still abide
Beneath their day and night and heaven wide.

by John Clare

Comments (4)

And here I missed that and on re-reading thought it was Jamaican English. H
LOL...Gina are you really his 'moist' favorite reader? Too cute. :) As for Renaissance our hormonal nature indeed leads us not only through the 14th century, but sporatically in our ever changing personal lives. Great poem!
A garden of sounds where science mates with wit. Susie.
Sounds deeply and wonderfully sensual. Three cheers for the phenomenon of 're-birth'! ! Your moist faithful reader, Gina.