Anticipation always rules
with silly and with normal fools.
The brain transmits
hormonal bits
converting cytes
in secret rites
a chestnut gland
constricts its band,
much fragrant cream
right at the seam
the loss of sense
as now it blends
an arched lordosis,
hood into ptosis
membraneous wings
and lovely things.
requested time to be suspended
a renaissance that never ended.

To be read in the company of Amber Gin

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

And here I missed that and on re-reading thought it was Jamaican English. H
LOL...Gina are you really his 'moist' favorite reader? Too cute. :) As for Renaissance our hormonal nature indeed leads us not only through the 14th century, but sporatically in our ever changing personal lives. Great poem!
A garden of sounds where science mates with wit. Susie.
Sounds deeply and wonderfully sensual. Three cheers for the phenomenon of 're-birth'! ! Your moist faithful reader, Gina.