RW (8/17/78 / NYC)

Renda Writer - Shooting Star

Tried to be alive inside of me
But it quietly
Died silently
While in a fiesty fight with the unbridled light
Of my enlightened chi

What a sight to see
How it made an enticing plea
For a license to see
The likelihood of me
Finding a degree
Of panicky insanity
The agony of defeat

But under the canopy of peace
I found that writing is key

It's like lightning is striking me
Like life is inviting me
To sideswipe the sight of society
This is just a subtle slice of me
If only just a bite of me
Just a little bit of me
You see
This is me

And I've got a tendency
To rely on my pen dependency
My pend depends on me
And I depend on it
And so I mention this

I'm trying hard to summon the strength to come up in the ranks
But with nothing in the bank, it's hard to find the strength
To go the farthest lenght
And I'm coming up short - of breath
Nothing left
Coming up for air
Running from where?

Juggling love and despair
There's love in the air
And hate in the lake where I drown
I hate the fate that I found
But wait
That fate ain't mine
Cause see a straight line
Is basically round
When you wrap it around
The circle of life
What's the purpose of life?
Who was the first person to write?

Well I'm looking to that person for some personal insight
Acting like life is an act
Why do we act like that?
React to the trap set to let you loose
And then choose
To flip it and win it
If you're out of it, get back in it
Put your back in it
Relaxed and timid visions have given way to the mission of the day
The vision seen by the serene and steady
Creative, keen and ready to be me already

So hold on steady
For the ride of your life
The time of your life
The first time in your life
That you've ever known time

No time to stop
No time to start

Stop before you start

Stop writing and start doing
Stop reciting and start moving
This is the sight of a star shooting

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