RW (8/17/78 / NYC)

Renda Writer - Tell A Wish

Tell a wish
Smell a fish
Edible dish
Meddle in this
Respectable mix
Envious twist
Measurable hit
Together with it
The vector is split
The bang of a fist
The strangeness exists
I'm no stanger to this
It came to this
Came to exist
It's a shame to quit
The aim is to hit
The grains and the grit
Painted a ship
With anger and spit
That came from the lip
A wondering whip
A pondering tip
Drop drip drip
Stop this ship
Hop on this tip
Bottle sip sip

Tell a lie
Tell 'em why
Beg 'em for an alibi
And the cattle cry
Pens'll never run dry
Running by why
Punch in the eye
Mother mother my
Mother may I
Say why
Say Hi
Now wave goodbye
Ancient eye
Ace of the sky
Just a taste to try
In the face of a spy

Try a taste
Why waste?

A taste test
Man made flesh
Death came next
Breathing needed breathe
Feed need steps

Steps need feet
Yet it's incomplete

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