Rendevouzing Avec Toi!

You pop up
like an E-mail

or a text message
that says: “Hi...
I think you’re a real
nice guy! ”

Or the sudden red beret
that jumps out of a crowd

on a big bright smile

and hugs me ‘till...I topple
& fall...& drag you down... to my level

where we are all flailing
arms & legs.

We appear to be swimming or drowning or waving or singing an operatic aria
or simply having a laugh or simply having it off.

In truth we are doing all six!

You smile & simper:
“We simply can’t go on not meeting like this! ”

I say “Oh...I don’t know...I rather like it! ”

A policeman asks us
if we are students

or from the telly
and is there a hidden camera

and if we are going to get up now
because we are beginning to be
a public nuisance and are causing an obstruction.

We retire
to a café

and kiss.

by Dónall Dempsey

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