ER (always / omniscient)


Could you sense me coming
like dew drops on the wild rose
fragrant, moist, omniscient

Each day in itself is a miracle

The humans cry in tragedy
While the flowers only grin
We are timeless, stricken with motion-
everything in between is a mystery, my love

The gentle earth lives inside you
We were born to explore
To know this moment
To find the rose that sings alone in waiting

Your hands are my map- momentous and alive
wake me up to dream the voice- behind each one of your eyes

Your heart is a compass
Let's forget true north together
And, paint our own direction with tears

The magnetic poles are breathing
aligning and divining the image of your face
each ripple pulls us closer to knowing
the river is more alive than both of us

how did i find you
how could i ever forget
the majesty of your name on my lips
Our story is ancient and kept with the rose's mystery

Your kiss has always been the key.

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