Rendezvous With Loneliness

The disserted road stretches ahead
Heavy fogs clog the empty space
As darkness overpowers the view;
This must be the rendezvous

At the beginning of the road appears the hourglass figure
It stops to stand firmly, legs wide apart, arms extended perpendicular to the side
Like it is getting ready to soar the heavens
But all that is coming is the mud
That starts to bleed from the naked pores
Never once did the figure flinch
And turn around to acknowledge the horrified voices approaching it
Or the bulky second figure that appears right
Behind it, almost touching, grabbing, embracing the hourglass
Figure that suddenly no longer was there

Now straight ahead, where the disserted road ends
The sparkling hourglass figure finally faces the past
And could not be happier with what it witness;
The second figure accompanied with loneliness

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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