I am cast out, condemned to be
a wanderer in the wilderness
with every man my enemy.
My only crime was to express.

What I believe to be the truth
contrary to the churches view
Although theyoffer men no proof.
Because the see no reason to.

I am expected to accept
and to obey their rigid rules
Follow blindly their precept
like all the other trusting fools.

But I rebelled I could not see
that what they taught must be correct.
I was accused of heresy
They had their regime to protect.

And so they prosecuted me
They said it was self evident
I denied their authority.
I must be punished and repent.

When I refused they cast me out
from their hidebound community.
Merely because I chose to doubt
what they believed the truth to be.

I could not be a hypocrite
and simply pay lip service to
what they demanded as their right.
Accept their faith as being true.

I am an outcast but I’m free
to worship God in my own way
As every man was meant to be.
I’m happy that I broke away.

From their hide bound rigidity
I have my conscience to obey
I find that is enough for me
I do not fear that I will stray.

Far from the path that’s meant for me.
I listen to my conscience speak
and I walk on triumphantly.
To find the truth a man must seek..

by ivor or ivor.e hogg

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