Here Comes THe renegade.
Here to seal the deal.

Becuase people come with problems,
Like leafs that fall in autum

Here comes the renegade
SPinning like a Ferris WHeel.

Life is quite the paradox
But his was quite the steal.

Here comes the renegade
On his mound of steal.

Becuase When your people fallow you
You know your choice is real.

Round and ROund he went.
Too live a life in hell.

Round and round He went.
He rang the devils bell.

In the light he stood, it felt so surreal
But in the dark in fell, because it had this appeal.

And then there went the renegade.
Perfectly alone,
His life was etched in stone.

All his memorys the prettys ones.
They Sang like a song.

All his memorys the tradiges.
Took his life and soon he was gone.

And all the people they sang, they sang with the dawn
Here comes the renegade, THe devils bells he rang.
So let the hero hang. So let the hero hang.

by Ron Farmer

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