JR (07/13/1989 / Vineland, New Jersey)

Renegatia In A Living Conundrum

To hell with you devil-dog
You rupture my insides; while on my back, you rip through me with your tainted gums and crooked teeth
You seem to pounce from the necture of which one rejoices
I hope you concoct your poison well
I hope you linger on the branches of my minds furthest precepts
I somewhat want you to practice your witchcraft on me just as you've done for the better half of a wounded whole
I know you'd like me to fall into my mind; my wounded hole
In retrospect I've been ignited as a stick of dynamite would
You were the wick, wicked as you are
The trickster, as you snicker and leave residue on the pictures of my heart
I've passed the stages of dulled colors and Oblong faces
I've mustered up the courage to scream the skin off of those who opress me
Still you manifest out of atoms which i cannot see
Maybe the fates wish for pestulance to be my companion forever
Well, how am i to attack you renegade heart pain
I wish for nothing more than to crack you and watch the yolk break free
I will find your weak points and unveil them
So to hell with you devil-dog
My wrath will be executed tonight

by Jovan Rosado

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