AA (November 8th.1983 / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


Relax, little girl
Why don't you take some rest?
You must eat something good
Taking a shower have effect

Lie down, my sweet love
Stop trying to rush the time
Roses don't bloom in a second
A mind at ease will work out fine

Let me hold you, pretty baby
Close your eyes and sync your breath
Feel the rhythm of your heartbeats
Allow the sleep to consume your eyelids

Dream, my honey bee
Only in this way you are free
Dance with angels, ride some devils
Good or bad, in any level
They will lead you to perfection

When you wake up get a paper
Lock your door for concentration
Hold a pen in preparation
Get ready for creation
Are you feeling any sensation?

Write your lines, my little poet
Now you have your inspiration

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Hi you. This is pretty good. Lines 11 and 12 are a bit clumsy because they do not flow and read as natural in imagery as the rest of the verse. Maybe try to express the lines in a different way? Forgive me for trying to be constructive but some people on here are just gushingly nice all the time - which is not helpful! Nice but not constructive. Developing the art of metaphor and imagery takes a lot of practice and hey! Each poet has their own VOICE and it gets honed by constant struggling to become better. A very good piece but rework those two lines and make it fantastico! Pat
Ananda, WOW! If this is what you write when you lack inspiration, just keep doing it. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant. Just loved it from the first word. Top marks from me. Thank you for sharing it my friend. David
Ananda, Love it! MIND AND PEN My pen hesitates Not keeping pace with My hurried mind Which has already said 'I love you' A thousand times. My pen hesitates, And the ink dries, And my mind has said again A thousand times 'I love you! ' Couldn't resist sending this to you... Hey, we should go on tour together....Alves and Alves...just kidding! Your writing really is outstanding...stay fresh! write with and from your own passion...never to hurt, (although I do have a few in my 'Hey don't print that! ' file... Writing has such power...stay true...stay strong. Dorothy
That was awesome! ! : -) I especially liked the ending with all the ation's. That was most-excellent dude!
Excellent way of addressing writers' frustration. Well done Ananda...