IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Renewal For M Lady Lucianne

The moonlight slyly penetrates
the curtained windows of my room.
Though hesitant illuminates
the empty silence wrapped in gloom.

Although I have no interest
because I shun the world outside
The moon insists she will invest
her silver light, with me abide.

I’m desolate and in despair
I hate the world from which I hide.
I am benumbed no longer care.
I’m contemplating suicide.

I have the wherewithal at hand
the sleeping pills I have stockpiled.
The moon issues stern command
I will not let you die my child.

Why should I live there’s nothing left.
There is no happiness for me
My love is dead I am bereft
alone, unloved and solitary.

My goddess brooks no argument
I have no choice I must obey.
She is supremely confident.
She knows I dare not disobey.

And she is right I do not dare.
I hear again my lover’s voice
“ Do not give in to black despair
my love. That is the coward’s choice.

You loved me long and faithfully
no woman could have asked for more.
All of my life you cherished me.
You’re young enough to love once more.

My mood then changed dramatically,
of black despair no slightest trace.
My love had come to set me free
to find someone to take her place.

I am quite sure she’ll stay close by
until I meet her chosen one
Then she will spread her wings and fly
content that I am not alone.

Was it a dream or was she here
and did she really talk to me.
I’ll never know for sure I fear
but I can move on hopefully.

The love we shared will never die,
Though I may find a new romance.
It is her wish that I should try
She’s granting me a second chance.

She loved me so unselfishly
in the same way that I loved her.
Without a trace of jealousy
so to her wishes I defer.

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Comments (2)

A splendid poem Ivor! Kind of brings a tear to the eye.... A (10) plus! ! ! Thad
This was so beautiful, Ivor! Sad, but unbelievably beautiful... Well done, my friend, :) A 10 is not enough for this, lol