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Renewed Hope
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)

Renewed Hope

Poem By Danny Speicher

Renewed hope, follow my actions
Oh, hope of God, keep me true
To my vows and my commitments
To follow and obey only You
Hope that softly touches my heart
Once again, work in my life
Help me help others in their hurt
And, with You, ease their strife
Holy Spirit renew that hope
That once lived within me
That once took me to greatness
Let it once again, quietly be
Lord, take me from my sins
And set my eyes upon You
For all things fade away
In the Light that shines so true
Free my heart from the shackles
That so often bind its love
And give it true strength
The only strength that comes from above

((January 23rd,2001))

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