Repainting With Colours Of Eunoia

Poem By Seemeen Khan Yousufzai

Just pause this moment,
Just pause this scene,
Rewind and I shall
Add to it
The colours of my mind.

Paint the canvas afresh
Clear all stain and mark
From the hanging
Art piece
That was in sight.

Add the colours of eunoia
Fill the hearts with light
Of the characters
That are in play
Leaving no space for phobia.

And I shall repaint it all
With a scene from my heart
Of a place where there is
Only love and purity
Of soul.

Where the subtle rays of early morning sun
Bring forth tidings of hope and glory
Where the sweet chirps of early morning birds
Bring forth blessings of faith and merry,
That's where my world lies
That's what my heart desires.

Where the blossoming buds of early spring flower
Bring forth in everyone sweetness and tenderness
Where the balmy particles of fragrance disperse to
Bring forth in everyone patience and mildness
That's where my world lies,
That's what my heart desires.

Where the setting of sun in the arms of evening
Bring forth in all a sense of peace and quiet
Where the silvery rays of the majestic moon
Bring forth the absolution of the soul at bedtime
That's where my world lies,
That's what my heart desires.

Where the roving eye travels far on the landscape
Finding no traces of malice, no bouts of spite
Where the wandering eye witnesses the vastness of skies
Perceiving its unique freedom in the space it has
That's where my world lies,
That's what my heart desires.

So pause this moment,
And pause this scene
Say not that will make you
Regret all your deeds
Shatter someone's dreams.

For time is like a flowing river
The moments
That have been touched once
Will not come back
Will not be retouched.

©Seemeen Khan Yousufzai

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