I Am Dealing With The Pain...

All these years I have cried
I am tired and I just want to die
The time goes by
And I am still alive
I am too weak to carry on
For all I do is cry
Everything is so wrong
I have dealt with it for too long

I am going to commit suicide
And that's not a lie
I have tried before...
But I was just left me a little sore

The more I deal...
The pain turns so real
I like to feel the pain
But don't try to tell me I ain't sane
Cause that's just my way of dealing with this pain

by I Hate Life

Comments (2)

Quite a uhm er, clever little poem. -chuck
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I love this LOTS! Words, thought, attitude, action... As for repartee, same thing here: so often, the right words, the PERFECT words, come minutes/hours too late. I think, however, you're one up on him anyway.