Repeatedly Done

'They must think from my own actions shown,
And with them repeatedly done...
That I must be some kind of fool.'

Don't be so pessimistic.
I'm sure they are not thinking that at all.

'That's a relief.
But why would you say that? '

The confirming of that you have done yourself.
Years ago.
And I am sure you have convinced them by now,
To think of other things not so obvious.

'Thanks for being encouraging.
Maybe they will accept my apology.'

If I were you,
I'd leave them believing you had been a fool.
To apologize for things you did years ago,
Would only open old wounds.
And having them to come to think of you,
As an idiot...
Is difficult to forget.
Especially if you insist upon it.

What should I do? '

Stay the fool you are.
There are so many around today,
No one is going to pay you any attention.
Once an ignorance is shown,
Difficult it is for one to prove a found wisdom.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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