Repeatedly Shocked

Why have people become,
Repeatedly 'shocked'...
By the increase,
Of preventable crime and violence.
That can be, if wanted...
Not given encouragement,
But nipped in the bud...
With a determined firmness,
That is quick to rid and have it stopped.

Has the numbness of each event,
Too quickly forgotten...
Like the use of common sense.
To ignore these messages,
Flashing in neon when they are sent...
And those who see them,
Dismiss to disbelieve...
The seriousness of the content?

Why have people become,
Repeatedly 'shocked'?
As a quality of life to live,
Has lost all signs...
Of success that progesses,
Towards peace, acceptance and equality.
The significance of this,
Seems from mindsets to be dropped.

Why have people become,
Repeatedly 'SHOCKED'?
Repeatedly 'REMINDED'...
Repeatedly 'REPEATING' remorse,
To observe and accept and not enforce a divorce...
From the same disrespect and neglect they show,
With a protecting to defend...
Their own ignorance that has grown and bestowed,
Such evils upon them to leave the effect of it...
Condoned to perceive it to be 'threatless'.
From 'them' and nowhere else,
Have their fears manifested.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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