BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Repent And Produce Fruit

John had preached repent and produce fruit for The Kingdom is near,
And although Israel had ears to listen, their hearts could not hear.
In light of Isaiah's fulfillment, in Israel it was abundantly clear,
Most men were steeped in religious tradition without any Godly fear.

Although John called them to produce fruit it was not their desire,
So he warned all those who did not would be thrown into the fire.
John was preparing the way for The One, who was spiritually higher,
And Christ preached of an Eternal Kingdom and warned of Eternal Fire.

However many of God's chosen people were hard hearted and deceived,
And when Christ came fulfilling Scripture, He was not even received.
But there was a remnant using Scripture and prophecy was perceived,
Even the thief on the cross was filled with awe and He too believed.

Christ was the fulfillment of the Law which ended that dispensation,
And Grace came upon the world through the rejection of that nation.
The law exposes sin and brings upon the world God's condemnation,
But through the cross, Christ brought us God's Mercy and Salvation.

As Grace comes to a close The Church has become complacent many fear,
Are we becoming like Israel, as the Lord's return draws ever near?
Friend, Jesus was and now is God and not just a prophet, man or seer,
Shouldn't we heed His words as He said He who has ears, let him hear?

(Copyright ©01/2004 Bob Gotti)

by Bob Gotti

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