Repent, repent the end is near
Repent, repent have nought to fear;
Repent, repent and come to me
Repent, repent and be set free.

But if you do not repent
And come along to me
You will never have a part
Through all eternity.

Instead you will be cast outside
And never be forgiven
You shall have no part with my Father
Or Me in the New Heaven.

A fiery place shall be yours
That shall be your wages,
The smoke of your torment
Will ascend above for ages.

Weeping and also wailing,
And gnashing of teeth for you,
Because you did not believe
In what I did for you.

The ones I love and cherish most
Are those who have repented
Who also have believed on Me
And with their hearts have meant it.

Oh, there are also others
That say, 'we love you too'
But these only show an outward sign
So they are just like you.

Hypocrites they are called
That's a name well said;
For they pretend to be alive
But inwardly are dead

So, do not be cast outside
Into the fiery pit
Repent, repent believe on Me
You will not suffer it.

by Richard Merrell

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